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The Sad Loss of Dante

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The sad loss of Dante.

April 5 2022

Today has been another devastating blow to the centre.

As you know yesterday our beautiful Friesian horse, Dante came down with colic. Sadly this morning at approx 3.20am Dante lost his fight with colic and passed away.

Terena and the team are truly heartbroken.

Terena would like to say thank you, to everyone for their well wishes yesterday, knowing your support is there means the world to us.

R.I.P Dante. Heavens gained another good one. xxx Terena and team.


Before Christmas our gorgeous Friesian Dante became quite poorly. Our good vet Cath came to see him and treatment was given, which helped with one condition but then Dante suddenly came down with laminitis which he had never had before. Our vet took bloods from him and had him tested for various things which all came back negative. So all over Christmas Dante has been in quite a lot of pain and on a lot of pain relief.

Today our lovely vet came to X-Ray Dante’s feet and Farrier Russell and Eddie came to assist and make sure that they see the results so they can then trim and shoe accordingly. The X-Rays show that although the last week he has been walking better, he has been in an awful lot of pain and he has one foot with some rotation of the pedal bone, so now our farrier will be making him some special heartbar shoes and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he recovers well.


Oh Dante, dear friend so true,

A majestic beauty, now gone from view.

Your gentle eyes and flowing mane,

Forever etched in our hearts, will remain.

With every step you took, you brought us joy,

A loyal companion, none could destroy.

Now the fields where you once roamed,

Are silent, empty, and alone.

But though you've left this earthly plane,

Your memory lives on, like a never-ending refrain.

Oh Dante, we will always remember you,

And the love and light that shone from you.



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