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Shiloh Banner in Sunset Fields

Rehoming your animal

Since we first opened in 1989, we have helped hundreds of animals live out their remaining days in the comfort of our sanctuary. We lovingly provide our animals with a enjoyable and rewarding life, some work for their means, by taking part in events and our popular animal experience days, others simply relax and enjoy life. 

Horses in the fields

Horses and

We are able to provide a forever home to a variety of animals, including:

  • Heavy Horses

  • Ponies

  • Llamas

  • Alpacas

  • Goats

  • Ferrets

  • Birds of Prey

  • Fish

  • Aviary birds

  • Some reptiles

  • And more

Please get in touch with us to discuss our current availability. Please note, we do not then re-home our animals to other people. Our animals typically come to us and stay with us for the rest of their lives.

Nestled in our intimate sanctuary, we provide an exceptional haven for horses and various animals. What sets us apart is our exclusively unpaid volunteer staff, each wholeheartedly committed to dedicating a significant part of their lives to ensuring our beloved animals receive the utmost love and care they rightfully deserve.
Our commitment extends beyond routine care; we actively engage our resident animals in our vibrant fundraising events. From action-packed Medieval Tournaments to heartwarming care home visits with elderly residents, and the simple joys of being groomed by our visitors – each experience is tailored to cater to their individual preferences.

Whatever their situation is, we work tirelessly to care for them.

Shetland Pony at Sunset
Walk in bird aviary rehoming lincolnshire

Our small bird aviary

Our sanctuary houses a large mixed aviary, suitable for colony style birds such as budgies, canaries, finches and even rosellas. We also have a couple of other aviaries with lovebirds. 

We are able to welcome new birds to our colony where they will thrive with lots of room to fly, background music and regular care.

Please get in touch if you need to re-home a bird.

Walk in bird aviary rehoming lincolnshire 2

Our sanctuary also opens to the public, meaning we offer visitors the chance to meet all of our animals and see the work we do.

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