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Sponsor a horse.

Join our sponsorship club

Sponsorship is wonderful way to not only support our charity and our resident animals but it can also be a lovely gift for an animal mad loved one.

Anyone who sponsors an animal will receive an adoption pack that contains the following:

• A certificate of adoption.
• An information sheet on the chosen animal.
• A fact sheet with the animals breed information.
• A full colour photograph of the chosen animal.

Follow the simple steps below to get your sponsorship pack!

Step 1:

Learn a little bit about some of our resident animals currently available for sponsorship.

Bailey the Clydesdale.


Bailey is a stunning example of a Clydesdale heavy horse. He is around 13 years old. He is not backed (able to be ridden) but we are slowly working towards putting him in harness where he may one day pull a cart!

Bosun the British percheron.


Bosun is a British Percheron heavy horse. He's around 21 years old and has been at our centre since he was 6!

He is multi-talented but he's best strength is being our lead Equestrian Vaulting horse. He is more than happy to have people of all ages do gymnastics on his back! 

Noisette the draft horse.


Noisette (Nutty) is a Ardennes Draft Horse which are originally from Belgian. She hasn't been at our centre for very long but has settled in wonderfully. We are working towards her taking part in our medieval displays and events.

Rio the Spanish Andalusian.


Rio is a Spanish Andalusian horse. He is just under 10 years old and came to the centre to work!

Eventually after lots of training, Rio will joust in our popular Medieval Tournament events and work with our birds of prey for flying demonstrations! 

Step 2:

• Click add to cart.
• Complete the form and select your chosen animal.
• Finish the checkout process.

Sponsorship Pack

Step 3:

Sit back and relax. Once we confirm your order we’ll get it packed and shipped to you.
While you’re waiting please take a look at our about page to learn more about what we do.

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