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Image by Joseph Daniel

Leaving a donation

Your contribution, no matter the size, can have a tremendous impact on our sanctuary and the animals in our care.
It may surprise you to learn that our sanctuary is entirely run by unpaid volunteers and management, meaning nobody is paid! Our being here is motivated purely by the passion and dedication to our animals. So when you donate, you can be assured that your support goes directly to providing for our much loved residents.

Support our Sanctuary

Leave a one-time donation by card or Paypal.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!

We have recently set up a GoFundMe fundraising page to help support Nutty after she was rushed to Oakham Equine Hospital.

Our fees, so far are almost £5000. Read more here...

GoFundMe Logo
Nutty Equine Hospital

Leave a monthly donation

Making a monthly donation can make an immense difference to our charity. With consistent and reliable income, we can plan ahead and provide even better care for our animals.
Your monthly donation enables us to prepare for the future with confidence. We can stock up on extra hay for the winter, increase our feed supplies, and meet our bills without worrying about our financial stability. Your ongoing support helps us provide the best possible environment and care for our beloved residents, allowing them to thrive and lead happy lives in our sanctuary.

Estimates of our bills

£10.00-£20.00 (1 Bag of Animal Food)
£25.00-£30.00 (1 Large Bale of Hay)
£50.00 (One Residents Food & Bedding For A Week)
£100.00+ (A Residents Medical Bill)

It costs over £300 a week to fund the vital care that our animals need.

Animal Care

Animal food.
Animal bedding.
Gas, water & electric.
Vet costs.
Dental work.
Blacksmith work.

Equine therapy.
On going medical bills.

Sanctuary Upkeep

Vehicle costs.
Office equipment.

Cafe costs.
Shop costs.
Farm costs.

With Thanks

We are grateful to so many local businesses, including but not limited to:
Barleys Animal Foods.

Chandlers Oil and Gas.
Newbridge Food and Tack.
Maws Animal Charity.

Digbys Pet Shop in Skegness.

If you are donating by cheque, in person or over the phone and would like to Gift Aid your donation, please complete our simple form here. Gift Aid essentially means the Government will pay 25p per £1.00 donated. 

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