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Ponies at our centre.
Llamas at our centre.
Bailey a Clydesdale Heavy Horse at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre

Our animals are our passion

Our passion is to provide our animals with the utter love & support they deserve.

All of our resident animals are unique and special. We try to cater to their own individual requirements and provide them with their own specific care.

Many of our animals are older or have lifelong illnesses and require certain medicines or special attentive care. Working alongside our vets and specialists we provide our animals with a very personalised home in our sanctuary.

At the start of January we had to rush Nutty, our Ardennes draft horse to Oakham Equine Hospital due choke. After initial assessment and stomach inspections she since developed pneumonia and choke.

After almost two weeks in the hospital, Nutty has now returned home, where she will be on lifelong medication. Her costs so far are almost £5000 and we have since created a GoFundMe fundraiser to help support her. 

Learn more here or visit our GoFundMe page to support.

Nutty Illness

Our sanctuary started with the love and passion of horses, particularly the Heavy Horse breed. Over the years we have been home to many breeds of horses including three percheron type. Currently we have Bosun, a British Percheron living here!

Kookie our hilarious Australian laughing Kookaburra is only a few years old. The Kookaburra is a native Australian bird but Kookie was born in the UK so has climatised nicely. He came to us because his previous owner was downsizing and wanted Kookie to have a special home and not be passed around form owner to owner.


Morgana is a Eurasian eagle-owl. She came to our sanctuary to avoid being passed around and to ensure she has the care she needs due to an eye condition where she if effectively blind in one eye. 


Sage (black) and Onion (pink) were initially sold as micro pigs but they soon grew! Unfortunately they became too large for their previous owners garden and soon came to live with us. Both girls absolutely love people… but love food more! 


The centre is actually home to over 10 ferrets! Two of which are here and called Bilbo & Baggins. They came to us as babies (kits) when we were alerted a farmer in the process of drowning them. We managed to save 5 out of 10.

Horses in the fields

Rehoming your animal

Since we first opened in 1989, we have helped hundreds of animals live out their remaining days in the comfort of our sanctuary. We lovingly provide our animals with a enjoyable and rewarding life, some work for their means, by taking part in events and our popular animal experience days, others simply relax and enjoy life. 

We are able to take in a variety of animals, ranging from heavy horses, alpacas and birds of prey. Take a look at our rehoming page for more information.

To help you learn more about the fascinating world of animal breeds, we've put together a fact file that provides in-depth information on some of the most popular and interesting animal breeds. From the history of their development to their current status and characteristics, our fact file will give you a comprehensive understanding of these amazing creatures. So whether you're a pet lover or simply interested in learning more about animals, our factfile is a great resource for discovering the world of animal breeds.

kookaburra in lincolnshire
Rio the horse.

We all have our favourite breeds and types, whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one, sponsoring an animal can make a world of difference to us and them.

Many of our residents are available for sponsorship. Most of our animals come here to retire and will remain here for the rest of their lives. 

Those who decide to sponsor one of our residents will be given the opportunity to personally meet their chosen friend at any prearranged time of the year.

The sad but very real part of running an animal sanctuary is the inevitable loss of our resident animals. While they may be gone, they’ll never be forgotten. Below are some of our lost loved ones.

Learn about a couple of our former resident horses and animals below or on our special deceased animals page.

Heavy Horses in Lincolnshire
Cracker the worlds tallest shire horse from Lincolnshire

Cricket Cracker - Shire horse. 19.2 hands high.
Cracker as he was known to hundreds of friends, adopters and supporters, first came to Lincolnshire In 1992.
Died - July 2007.

Read more about Cracker


Goliath - The tallest shire horse in the world.
Golly the Gentle Giant as he was known was a Guiness Book of Records holder for been the tallest shire horse in the world!
Died - July 2001.

Read more about Goliath

Dante the horse.

Dante - Our black beauty Friesian horse.
Dante was a horse that was so close to our hearts. A proven companion who mastered anything he tried. It was a privilege to provide him with a home for almost 15 years.
Died - April 2022.

Read more about Dante

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