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Say Hello To Finn, Our Stunning Comtois Horse.

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

A stunning 16.2hh Comtois Draft horse.

We are excited to welcome the latest resident to our sanctuary, Finn.

Finn is an absolutely stunning 7 year old 16.2hh Comtois draft horse. He was imported from France in 2021 by his previous owner. He was originally vetted for sale but failed due to his eyesight. He was then diagnosed with congenital cataracts behind the eye - in both eyes, although to look at him you would never know. The verdict is that he has been like this since birth and has little vision, probably seeing shadows more then objects as such. He is a very loving horse who adores spending time with people and has perfectly adapted to his new life in our sanctuary.

This is especially good timing for Bosun. As you know we recently had to say goodbye to Pierre, our Boulonnais draft horse. He and Bosun were inseparable and we became very worried about Bosuns mental health. We are pleased to say Bosun and Finn have already taken to good friends!

We are excited for people to meet Finn when our visitors centre reopens in April.

As you know our sanctuary is reliant on the generosity of people like you! So we ask for any additional help where financially possible. Your help goes towards the upkeep of our animals, most of which is for ongoing medical bills and animal feed. With your support we can continue to take in and care for even more animals in the future.

I once again would like to thank you personally - for your kind, invaluable support.

Terena, volunteers & our resident animals.



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