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A Very Merry Christmas

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Ferret wishing you a merry christmas

We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2022 has certainly been a trying year. We have had to say goodbye to a few of our resident animals including Dante, our incredible and stunning friesian horse and Rosie, our beautiful Suffolk Punch. But where there is loss there is life. We have welcomed new friends to our sanctuary from Monty the Snake to llamas, goats and Kizzy the Shetland pony.

As you know our sanctuary is 100% funded by donations and run by a dedicated team of volunteers. So we would like to thank everybody for their incredible support.

Please stay tuned for 2023 as we have many exciting plans and events to come.Thank you and please take care and have a wonderful holiday.


Consider leaving a Christmas gift.

Everything we do is 100% funded by donations from the public, and while monetary donations are always gratefully received, we understand that sometimes supporters like the option of directly buying items that will benefit the care of our resident animals.

We have set up two Amazon Wish Lists, one for our everyday essential items and our other full list for treats, helpful items, other animal feeds and medicines.

There’s a wide variety of gifts to choose from, all at varying price points, including animal feeds, grooming brushes, blankets and pet bedding, head torches, supplements, treat balls and even leaf blowers!


George the cat wishing you a merry christmas

Please leave a glowing review!

We would be very grateful if you could leave us a positive Google review.By leaving a good review it will really help our search rankings meaning lots of people can hopefully learn about our sanctuary and possibly even visit us or leave a donation!



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