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Gone, but never forgotten.

The sad but very real part of running an animal sanctuary is the inevitable loss of our resident animals. While they may be gone, they’ll never be forgotten. Below are some of our lost loved ones.

As we say farewell, please feel no sorrow, for time on this earth, we only borrow. Lucky was I, my heart had a home, and with you by my side, I felt not alone. You filled my life with happiness and light, my soul shall remain eternally bright. Love cannot end, it cannot disappear, I will always be with you, I will always be near. And now that my journey has come to its end, please know and take comfort in this my friend. For me, for my life, please do not grieve for now I remain, "Forever Free"

Learn about a couple of our former resident horses and animals below.


Cricket Cracker - Shire horse. 19.2 hands high.

Cracker as he was known to hundreds of friends, adopters and supporters, first came to Lincolnshire In 1992.

Died - July 2007.

Goliath - The tallest shire horse in the world.

Golly, the Gentle Giant as he was known, was a Guinness Book of Records holder for been the tallest shire horse in the world!

Died - July 2001.

Dante - Our black beauty Friesian horse.

Dante was a horse that was so close to our hearts. A proven companion who mastered anything he tried. It was a privilege to provide him with a home for almost 15 years.

Died - April 5th 2022.

We will never forget.

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