Giving animals the love & respect they deserve

We are a small but dedicated animal charity based near Skegness in Lincolnshire caring for horses and animals in a very unique way.
We encourage the horses to 'work for their means', they actively take part in fundraising events, weddings, hands on experience days and lots other activities. We believe they enjoy having an active and fun life.
We give the horses the respect, dignity and love we think they deserve.

Urgent Financial Appeal

We're sadly in a dire situation, we need urgent funds otherwise we will close this year. We have outstanding bills due, including large vet and feed bills. Without urgent help we don't know what will happen to all of our resident horses and animals. With many of our animals being older and retired their future might not be as good. We're desperately asking for help. Thank you. - Terena. 

The work we do

For over 25 years the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre has been caring for horses of all sizes from all different backgrounds in a loving & forever home. Our Sanctuary is funded solely by donations & ran entirely by volunteers but we need your help to keep carrying on being able to care for these gentle giants. Please see our help page for ways you can help the horses and animals in our care.

How you can help

The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre is an animal welfare charity in Lincolnshire, visitors attraction & equestrian rescue sanctuary providing welfare and a forever home to horses & animals in need. Our visitors centre is a popular day out and tourist attraction based near Skegness in Lincolnshire. The Centre also hosts several major fundraising events throughout the year including popular Medieval Tournaments and Medieval Banquets.

Visit the Animals

Visitors get the chance to watch and sometimes help in our training of horses and animals. We believe a truly hands on experience creates longer lasting memories for guests and helps keep the horses and animals here fit and ready for work! 

Medieval Tournaments

We're well known for hosting popular themed special events such as our grand Medieval Tournaments in the summer and our Medieval Banquet evenings! Featuring lots of action, fun and entertainment it's a great day out!

Leave a lasting donation

The sanctuary runs entirely by the generosity of the public.

Our sanctuary relies on donations from the public to survive.
Due to rising costs and lower visitor turnouts we're struggling to remain open. 
We've never liked asking publicly for donations but we're asking for as much help as possible to make sure we survive this year.

Donations allow us to continue helping horses, ponies and other animals that are in our care.