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The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre is a visitors attraction & equestrian sanctuary providing a forever home to horses & animals in need. The Centre hosts several major fundraising events throughout the year including popular Medieval Tournaments and Medieval Banquets. To find out more about visiting the centre and our opening dates & events please see our visiting page.

For over 25 years the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre has been caring for horses of all sizes from all different backgrounds. Our Sanctuary is funded solely by donations, but we need your help to keep carrying on being able to care for them. Please see our help page for ways you can help the horses and animals. Find out more ways to help here or meet the Northcote Horses!

About the Horse Centre

The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre is an equine rescue centre (registered charity no 1137340) and a visitor’s attraction offering truly hands on experiences unlike anywhere else. We have been operating for over 25 years helping horses of all sizes from various backgrounds. The Centre runs entirely on donations from the general public and cannot operate without your help. Browse our website to find out more information about us. Help - Donate - Blog

Meet all the Northcote Horses

The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre is home to horses of all sizes, from heavy horses, shire horses, percheron's, Belgian draft horses, shetland ponies and even a Suffolk Punch! You can meet all the horses (big and small) on our horses page. Each horse has lots of pictures and some brief information on their breed, history and life. Visit the horses page now!

Masked Ball Evening Saturday 15th Nov 2014

We're excited to announce our Masked Ball Evening will return for it's second year! Due to some great comments and feedback last year we decided to host another. Once again the event will be held at the Spilsby Theatre (In Spilsby) on Saturday 15th November 2014.

The evening will feature live music followed by a D.J. for lots of dancing! A buffet style selection will be available and a licensed bar. We'll have other entertainment such as fire breathing & jesters! 

Tickets are on sale now, please check out our events page for more information and booking.

Help & Shop with EasyFundRaising

Do you shop online on sites like Amazon, eBay etc? Well, the folks at Easyfundraising offer a completely free service where you create an account with them, then select Northcote Heavy Horse Centre as your charity and each time you visit the shopping site (like Amazon) you go to Easyfundraising first and click 'Go Shopping' and just shop like you normally do. Each site will then give a donation (based on a percentage) and then we will get 100% of that donation! Find out more on their site!


Heavy Horse Experience Days

We're now holding special 'Heavy Horse Experience Days'. You can get to come and spend some hands on time with the Northcote Heavy Horses, you'll also get a chance to learn many valuable skills including plaiting, grooming & bathing horses. See our new' Heavy Horse Experience Days' page for more information!

Adopt a Horse

We're very pleased to announce that the three newest horses here at the centre are now available for adoption. By adopting a Northcote Horse you get the chance to support your favorite horse throughout the year and help keep them here in their forever home. Find out more on our adoption page. Also meet RosieMoose & Charity on their very special own horse pages.

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