The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre is an animal welfare charity looking after heavy horses, ponies and more like Bosun above, a British Percheron Heavy Horse.

Why your support matters

Our mission here at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre is simple.
Our main aim is to provide a peaceful, rich and rewarding life to all of the horses and animals in our care and to give them a forever and loving home. We also help educate the public and a new generation on the horses history, legacy and impact on the world today. Your support will help ensure we can continue with our mission and provide care for more horses in the future. The work that we do here is funded solely by fundraising and donations by the kind generosity of our supporters and by donating to the horses you'll be helping to make sure they can continue to work and live in their forever and loving home.

Financial Appeal - Urgent Funds Needed

We're sadly in a dire situation, we need urgent funds otherwise we will close this year. We have outstanding bills due, including large vet and feed bills. Without urgent help we don't know what will happen to all of our resident horses and animals. With many of our animals being older and retired their future might not be as good. We're desperately asking for help. Thank you. - Terena, Northcote Horses.

We've been providing a forever home to animals for over 27 years!

Bosun a British Percheron Heavy Horse in Medieval Costume

Your donation will go directly to the horses care

The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre provides care for horses and animals unlike anywhere else, we give the horses a rewarding, active and working life. We give them the dignity and respect we believe they deserve in a forever and loving home.
It costs at least £150 a week to look after all of the horses and animals in our care here at the Heavy Horse Centre. Not only do we have to buy hay, food and bedding, we also have expensive farrier costs to maintain the horses healthy feet. Vet bills are also very expensive but are a necessity to making sure all the horses and animals in our care are in the best shape they can be! Many in our care require extra medication and treatment. Sadly there are also other 'boring' bills such as water & electricity.
You can be assured that your donation will go directly to the aid of the horses and animals in our care.

A donation whatever size would be the greatest help. Thank you. 

Single donation by card


Single donation by Paypal


Monthly donation by Paypal

A Small Donation A Month Helps In A Big Big Way

A monthly regular donation will help better ensure our funds are there so we can continue with our work and give the horses and animals the home that they deserve. If you feel like you could donate monthly please use the Paypal monthly option or download our monthly form. Monthly donators will receive an annual newsletter with updates on the horses and our work. 

You can donate by Paypal using the above options or you can visit our online shop and donate by online order. 
Alternatively you can donate by phone 24/7 on 07899815960 or by cheque to the following address:
Payable to: Northcote Heavy Horse Centre. Northcote Horses, Great Steeping, Spilsby, Lincolnshire. PE23 5PS.

March update: We have several larger bills that urgently need paying and we don't have all the funds available. 
£500+ for grass fertiliser so the horses are able to go out to grass this spring.
£1000+ Outstanding energy & electric bills
Any help given where possible is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Volunteers at Lincolnshire Animal Welfare Charity Northcote Heavy Horse Centre

Join our team of dedicated volunteers

There are many vital jobs that are needed to be done to keep the sanctuary operational, whether it’s mucking out, running our tea-room, painting, administrative tasks, fundraising or something just as important, we can find a place for you! Volunteers are the heart of the centre and are vital to our future. If you think you would like to join our friendly and dedicated team of volunteers here at the Heavy Horse Centre, then please contact us to discuss the many possibilities.

Here are some of the many ways you could help; mucking out and helping to take care of the horses, painting, cleaning, D.I.Y, fundraising, gardening, helping in our cafe or shop, grooming the horses, admin work and so many more ways.

We're in need of painters and odd job men & women! Many of our buildings and fences need urgent care.
We are also looking for fundraisers to help run stalls, raffles etc to help promote the work we do and help raise vital funds.

Sponsor a horse

Sponsorship Helps Feed, Water And Care For Your Chosen Horse For A Year!

The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre cares for horses of all sizes for the rest of their lives. The horses that are in our care come from various different backgrounds, some are simply due to owner circumstances and some have sadly been abused at some point in their lives. We do everything we can to help ensure that the horses in our care live out the rest of their lives in the best loving care possible whilst leading a rich and rewarding life.

It costs more than £150 a day to care for the horses and animals in our care, there are many bills that include hay, food & straw, farrier costs, vet & medical bills and so many more. 

Our Adoption Club scheme helps us to carry on giving the best possible care and attention to all the horses and animals here at the sanctuary.

How do I join?

We ask for £12 or £25 (for one year) as a minimum amount to join the Adoption Club, or you can become a friend of the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre and give monthly. When you join you'll receive an sponsorship pack which includes a certificate of adoption, your horse's information sheet, breed sheet, yearly newsletter and a photograph of your horse!
We also give you the opportunity to visit your adopted horse throughout the year, you can even help out in the morning!
(We ask you to call us to let us know you're coming)

You can meet all of the horses and view their own pages here. The easiest & quickest way to adopt a horse is by adopting online here but you can also download our adoption form or monthly donation form.

Donation of Goods

It takes a lot of Resources to maintain our sanctuary 

We're in need of concrete, hardcore, pavings slabs and timber. Much of our yard and stable blocks urgently need work for our and the animals safety.
If you feel like you could help with these please get in touch.

We would like to specially thank Travis Perkins of Horncastle for their incredibly generous donation of cement.

We also need tools such as new wheelbarrows, shovels and brooms.
Please take a look at our Amazon Wish List to see if would like to donate a gift in aid of our centre.


Donate specifically towards Hay

Each bale currently costs around £25-£30 each, we use many throughout the year, but mainly during winter. 

By donating £25, you'll be giving us the opportunity to go out and buy a large hay bale for the horses in our care. 

Supporting Our Vet Bills

We're very lucky to have such a fantastic and support veterinary practice but it all comes at a cost. 
Veterinary bills are very expensive but necessary.
Many supporters prefer giving directly to our horses and animals vet bills. If you feel like you could help pay any amount off our bill please contact Louth based James Street Veterinary Centre directly on 01507 602828. 

Horses Wendy a Shire Horse and Pluto a Lipizzan

Leave a lasting legacy

We know making a will can be difficult and we understand that looking after your family is the first and most important thing. But by remembering our charity in your will can truly change the lives of the horses and animals in our care. Legacies have helped shape the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre into what we are now, without that thought and gift we might not be here today. 

Leaving a gift to us and a legacy to the horses in your will is one of the greatest ways you could ever support us. Your legacy can impact us for years to come. If you would like anymore information regarding legacies, please contact us.

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