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Providing a loving home to animals big and small.

Funded entirely by donations.
Run solely by unpaid volunteers.

Big heavy horses at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre.

Since 1989 we have been providing animals with a safe and loving home in our sanctuary.

We are a small animal welfare charity nestled on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds near Skegness. We are home mixture of animals ranging from horses, goats, pigs, alpacas, birds of prey, ferrets and more.

Our mission is simple, to where possible provide a sanctuary to animals whatever their condition is. Our centre first opened in 1989 and since the beginning we have provided hundreds of animals with a loving, safe, and forever home. The animals that come to live with us all have a variety of backgrounds and their own unique story to tell. We believe every animal has the right to a happy and loving home and we will always commit ourselves to ensure they do.

Our sanctuary also opens to the public where we work to educate visitors on the importance of animal welfare with unique hands-on experiences and engaging activities with our resident animals.

Visiting our sanctuary

Located 15 minutes from Skegness, our visitors centre has plenty of exciting experiences to offer. From our popular pony grooming and animal handling experiences to educational talks about our resident horses, birds of prey and farm yard animals.

Hand Feeding Goats At The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre
Supporting us by purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List.

Everything we do is 100% funded by donations from the public, and while monetary donations are always gratefully received, we understand that sometimes supporters like the option of directly buying items that will benefit the care of our resident animals.

Volunteer your time by working with animals.

Our sanctuary has no paid management or staff. We are proudly ran entirely by volunteers and we are always in need of more friendly and committed members to join our team. It is often overlooked, but no animal experience is necessary to join us! We can teach and train along the way. From mucking out, to gardening, painting and DIY.
We can use your help!

Horses in the fields

Rehoming your animal

Since we first opened in 1989, we have helped hundreds of animals live out their remaining days in the comfort of our sanctuary. We lovingly provide our animals with a enjoyable and rewarding life, some work for their means, by taking part in events and our popular animal experience days, others simply relax and enjoy life. 

We are able to take in a variety of animals, ranging from heavy horses, alpacas and birds of prey. Take a look at our rehoming page for more information.


At the start of January we had to rush Nutty, our Ardennes draft horse to Oakham Equine Hospital due choke. After initial assessment and stomach inspections she since developed pneumonia and choke.

After almost two weeks in the hospital, Nutty has now returned home, where she will be on lifelong medication. Her costs so far are almost £5000 and we have since created a GoFundMe fundraiser to help support her. 

Pedro, last pony in the stable.jpeg
Towards the end of last year we were sadly asked to vacate our horses' stables and move all of our animals and belongings, with very little notice. This was an area our charity had full use of since opening in 1989. We are asking for your support during this daunting move of our animals. 

We have set up a GoFundMe fundraising page to help support our sanctuary build new stables and enclosures for our animals.

Northcote Heavy Horse Centre,
Spilsby, Lincolnshire. PE23 5PS. UK

Call or SMS: 07899815960

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