Heartbreaking news folks i'm very sorry to say. We have sadly lost William, we had to make the heartbreaking decision as it was very evident that he was not able to pull through this, regardless of stronger pain relief. William came to the centre in 2001 with his mother May and after an initial more difficult start at times with him he became our chief dray horse and was fantastic at taking his visitors out for rides into the village, He was also broken to ride a task which took a little longer for him to get the hang of then most horses... and one of which my young son who was about ten at the time was the first to jump on his back. .. William in his time at the centre went out to many events and even took a spell as a medieval skill at arms horse. Sadly William retired from driving at an early age after he suffered an injury to the sole of his foot which led to intermittent bouts of lameness, although i am sure some of these bouts were actually more put on for extra sympathy, which worked of course, but when he thought no one was looking he was walking perfectly well...! William was a very popular horse with our visitors as well as helpers and had a lot of adopters. so it is with great sadness that we say our goodbyes to a wonderful friend and a true gentle giant. R.I.P. William forever in our hearts. xxxxx

22nd October 2013

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