It saddens me to tell you that another horse has passed over rainbow bridge, this time we have had to say goodbye to Scooby, who was a remarkable and very handsome Cleveland Bay X , he was around 21/22 years old and sadly suffered a heart attack. Scooby had been living up on a friends 5 acre field for over a year now along with my cob Mojo who went along with him to keep him company. Scooby had suffered with his breathing for a few years and was on daily medication and was advised to live out all year round, sadly we do not have enough land to have allowed him to do that. My friend offered free use of his land so that Scooby could live out all year round and we jumped at the chance. and within a very short space of time Scooby;'s breathing was much much better and he was then weaned off the medication which was fantastic for him. He has enjoyed living out as nature intended, being fused by the children, being boss of Mojo and just generally having a lovely time. I'd like to thank Billy and his Family for giving him something the centre could not, I know you will miss him just as much as we will. Scooby was a true gent with a very gentle nature and will be missed by all who knew him R.I.P. my friend. xxx

12TH APRIL 2015



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