Say hello to Pedro....‘Patch Of Heavens Colonel Brandon’ or Pedro as he is known to his friends is a palomino American Miniature pony. he was born in the U.S.A. in May 2009.He came to the centre after an email from a young lady who had visited the centre. She emailed to say that some folks on the livery yard where she was had a young colt that needed a home as he was bought for the family and was too small. The family was trying to give the pony away and the young lady was concerned that the family was going to give the pony away to an “unsuitable person” and feared that the pony may not have had a very good life.

We decided that we would give Pedro a home and went to Derbyshire to collect him, when he came he was a typical colt, he had a habit of nipping and biting & was not the best mannered pony. We called the vets and arranged to have him gelded, this would help calm him down a little and allow the other horses to accept him more.

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