Say hello to Orbit....! Orbit is a very cute and lovable Miniature Shetland pony gelding and was born around 2008.

He came to live at the centre on the 8th of February 2013 and come from within the local area, he had no issues his owners just didn’t feel they had enough time to do him justice and asked if he could come and live here at the centre. They thought his lovable nature and fondness of cuddles would fit in well with our visitors, and boy does he love his cuddles.

Orbit was not used to traveling much and was very well behaved going into the trailer that we had borrowed, especially as there was a small bucket of feed to tempt him in! Once in the trailer Orbit travelled very well on to his new home.

On arrival he was settled into his new stable for a short while and then later was to meet Pedro in the sand school where it is hoped that the two will become firm friends for life. The meeting was so good that we were actually able to turn the two out together the next day and fingers crossed that they continue to be good friends.

For the future we hope to break Orbit to a drive a small cart, possible with Pedro at his side.