Lovell began her life in the North of England with owners who treated her badly. She became so scared of people that they lost interest in her and she was left out in a field by herself. A kind lady took pity on her and persuaded the owners to give her up, only to find that the pony was so terrified that she could not do anything with her. She asked for help from a friend, and Lovell began a succession of moves from one well-meaning home to another. Nobody was able to catch her or handle her, so she arrived in our part of Lincolnshire and was so traumatised by the move that she tried to climb over her stable door and nearly hurt herself. Luckily her owner knew of the William Lovell Horse lovers and called on them for help.

The William Lovell Horse Lovers are committed to helping in any way they can and would love this dear little pony to have lots of adopters so that she can have all the luxuries she deserves.” Lovell came to Northcote in the Spring of 2006 and has had the undivided attention of two horse whisperers without any real noticeable improvement. She is still reluctant to have physical contact with humans.

Terena and the volunteers regularly spend time with her and she does take interest in what the other ponies are doing.

It will still be a long time before she ever trusts humans again.