Lincolnshire Equestrian Vaulting Team

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The Lincolnshire Equestrian Vaulting Team was set up in 2005 by Terena Bolam a qualified level 2 coach.
Vaulting is best described as gymnastics on horseback and is performed usually on the back of a cantering horse although it can also be performed at walk and trot, trot being the harder pace. Vaulters perform their moves whilst the horse is on a circle controlled by a lunger in the middle of the circle. Vaulting helps to promote, balance, strength, posture, flexibility, co-ordination and team spirit.

Training takes place through a series of warm ups and stretches before moving onto the barrel horse to learn new moves before going onto the real moving horse.

Within Vaulting a vaulter would learn a series of compulsory moves first, once established would then go on to learn and put together and individual routine. Vaulters can perform individually or as a pair or as a team, up to three vaulters can perform on a horse at any one time.

Our main horse that we use is Harbridge Bosun a 17.3hh Percheron. 
Bosun is a fantastic horse for vaulting he is kind and caring and adores children, he looks out for them and helps to keep them safe. He especially looks forward to all the praise and his small treat after each session or show.

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