Heavy Horse Experience Days

Enjoy A unique hands on day
with a heavy horse!

Experience the pleasure of working alongside a true heavy horse, learn about their history and legacy in the world. Our unique and very popular 'hands on horse experience days' gives you or a loved one the chance to bath a heavy horse correctly plus you will learn how to plait manes and get to long rein the horse yourself!
You'll also get to know the horse and see why they're called gentle giants. 

Our heavy horse experience days are very unique and personal. They make great gifts for any occasion!
You can guarantee that the day will be memorable!

You can buy a voucher online from below (or from here) or by calling 07899 815960.
We'll send a voucher in the post where you can then arrange a suitable date. (Valid for one year after booking) 

Only £75.00 - (light lunch included)

The Heavy Horse Experience days help keep the horses in full shape and fitness but also help educate more people on their behaviour, personality and impact on the world. By booking a horse experience day for £75.00 you're not only learning something new and exciting but helping secure a future for the horses in our care. 

"Fantastic father's day gift, birthday present, Christmas gift or red letter day gift!"

Heavy Horse Experience Day - Voucher
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