Say hello to Dante....Dante is a Handsome Black Friesian Gelding and was born about 2006 in Holland

He came over to the UK around 5 months old & currently stands about 17hh

Friesians are normally between 15.3hh and 16.2hh Dante’s owner was a lovely lady who still loves Dante but she had her confidence knocked on him due to having a fall from him.

Terena found Dante was for loan/sale and quickly got in touch and viewed him and within days brought him to home to Northcotes. He is owned by Terena but will work on behalf of the centre, he is a very extravagant mover and likes to go over some jumps, he is a very quick learner and has already been introduced to small parts in the events, he will eventually go with Terena to skill at arms lessons and hopefully will become a jousting horse & train in horseback archery, as well as other disciplines as his training develops.