Sadly today June 3rd we had to make the heart-breaking decision to put Cossack our 26yr old Shire X Clydesdale to sleep. 
Cossack came to live at the centre in March 2013 through loss of grazing, and had been a very easy horse to look after whilst with us, never really causing any trouble in fact he was sometimes more like a puppy dog following you around the yard then having to be always kept in the paddock, he knew his feed times as he got fed more often than the other horses, so if we were running behind time he would stand outside the feed room door, or at the gate of his field and wait for you to give him his lunch, on hot days he would look out for a certain volunteer knowing if he gave the right look she would give him a bath, and he always enjoyed his grooming sessions and general attention. But sadly these last few months we have seen a rapid decline in his health, and the last few weeks in particular, so after his veterinary check today it was thought that he had other complications going on internally and so the kindest thing was to say our goodbyes. 
Cossack will not only be missed by me and our volunteers but also by Pluto our Lipizzaner who even though we have only had him for a very short time made quite a connection with Cossack, so now all there is to say is run free my friend and may the grass always grow and the sun always shine for you over rainbow bridge. R.I.P. Cossack. Love always. xxxxxx

3rd June 2013

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About Cossack...Cossack was a 17.2hh Clydesdale X Shire horse and came to live at the centre on the 30th March 2013 through owner circumstances.

Cossack was 24 years old which is a very good age for a big horse, and didn't have the best of teeth! He was very good with his feet and enjoyed being groomed although Cossack has had some degree of abuse so we are told in the form of harsh/rough treatment around his head this was prior to the previous owners buying him and it took them 6 months to gain his trust to be handled again around his head.


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