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Volunteers from the Co-Op

Today we had a fantastic group from the Lincolnshire Co-op branch helping us with some essential sprucing up around the centre. They have helped with painting, digging and moving general things around, all in all helping us get ready for opening to visitors!

We would like to give a very big thank you to all of those who came and helped along with the Co-Op for supporting a fantastic volunteer work scheme.

If anybody else is interested in volunteering here at the centre please drop us a message.

Our visitors centre re-opens on Monday 8th April from 11am. Admission is by donation and everything raised goes towards providing the animals in our care with a forever and loving home.

Take a look at some photos taken today. Credit to the Lincolnshire Co-Op.

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Our Volunteers!

We would like to give a huge heartfelt thank you to all of our super volunteers and supporters. 
Being a non-profit charity we don't receive any funding or have any paid members of staff. We are ran entirely by volunteers who do an amazing job. 

This weekend we saw our first event of the season, our popular Medieval Tournament. We're pleased to say it was a great success and we've heard lots of great compliments and feedback which makes us all extremely proud. 

Our volunteers have spent countless hours preparing for the event, many spending the night sleeping in tents and working until dark. We really don't want to overlook the importance of volunteers and what they do.

If you would like to help support the Heavy Horse Centre please send us a message. We guarantee we'll have something you can help with!

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Award Nomination for Charity Manager

Northcote Heavy Horse Centre manager, Terena has been awarded a fantastic and well deserved win for her selfless work here at the Centre! 

Like all volunteers here at the charity, Terena is unpaid but is here 24/7. Many days when voluntary help is low she does all of the jobs on her own - often without recognition.  

We're so thrilled for this well deserved win!

Pork Farms head of markets Kim Burgess, said: “Terena is an inspiration to all of us and we encourage her friends, family and local community to get behind her and leave a comment on the Pork Farms Facebook page.”

Terena was nominated by another dedicated volunteer Fran, Francesca said: “Terena works 24/7 for no pay, and often no thanks. A party for her, instead of her planning parties and events for everyone else to raise funds, would be amazing. She is such a dedicated and selfless person who always puts others first.”

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