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Meet, Pierre. Our newest family member!

Hi folks,

I would like to introduce you all to our newest family member to join the charity. Please say hello to Pierre.

Pierre is a 13 yr old Boulonnaise draft horse which is a French breed. He stands around 18hh he loves life eating and X country jumping. Our good friends Barnsbridge Shires went down Kent to collect him and bring him back here and he came straight into his new bed and groomed his new neighbour Shiloh :).

We will keep you updated with pics and his progress as we go.

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Visits from Wendy

Well what a lovely day and a special day today has been. Jim and Fran came in extra today to help me with a special job, except jim decided to stay at the centre to help Geoff with the mucking out in the end. So it was just going to be myself Fran and Wendy. Our special job was taking Wendy our Shire horse to Meet a lovely lady called June (Nan) Who is I think ( hope she doesn't mind me saying) is around 85 years old and is very very poorly. Now June in her younger days had worked with shires and has a great love of the breed as well as all animals and often used to say to her granddaughter have you brought me my shire... So her granddaughter Sarah wanted to give her Nan a special present and asked if she would be able to hire us to take a shire to visit her Nan. So that's what today was. Fran groomed Wendy and loaded her into my lorry and off we went. And I have to say it was lovely. Sarah and family met us at our parking place and Fran walked Wendy to "Nan's" house. Wendy was certainly welcomed with open arms as were we. (Read more)

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