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Meet the Alpacas!

We're really excited to announce the latest additions to our charity and family - two Alpacas! Both are from only a few miles away from the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre and have been very well looked after but have come to us due to owner circumstance. 

We're really excited to have them apart of our family and look forward to giving visitors the opportunity to meet them. Take a look at their own page here!

The Alpacas join the many animals here at the Heavy Horse Centre including horses, goats, birds of prey, geese, ducks, chickens, cats and natural wildlife! 

August is our main visitors season and we're open every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please come along and meet all of the animals and see the work we do in helping them. Admission is by donation and we're very close to Skegness! You can find out more information on our visiting page here or by calling 07899 81596.

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