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The Sad Loss of Mojo

We're very sad to announce the loss of Mojo, our Gypsy Cob. Mojo was 27 years old, born in 1994. He was a stunning looking boy and will be in the hearts of all. Mojo lived a varied life, taking parts in everything from Medieval Skill at Arms, Equestrian Vaulting and other various trick riding. He was a very caring and sensitive horse who loved attention! RIP Mojo. 

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Pluto's Accident

Well it never rains but it pours ..... poor Pluto has managed to get himself in the wars , not sure what has gone on, wether a glancing blow from another horses hoof, headbutt from another horse or if he's banged himself, who knows but whatever has happened though he has made a real mess of himself, and our vet said he is one very very lucky horse to have not done more damage. Pluto was sedated and the area numbed before Cath our fab vet put in stitches, sorry for the gory pic folks, but as you can see our vet has done a fab job :). Now all this of course comes at a price, and at the mo our income is critical, so this bill will sit on top of the existing vet bill that we are trying to pay off so if anyone would like to donate to our already outstanding vet bill it would be gratefully appreciated.


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Meet, Pierre. Our newest family member!

Hi folks,

I would like to introduce you all to our newest family member to join the charity. Please say hello to Pierre.

Pierre is a 13 yr old Boulonnaise draft horse which is a French breed. He stands around 18hh he loves life eating and X country jumping. Our good friends Barnsbridge Shires went down Kent to collect him and bring him back here and he came straight into his new bed and groomed his new neighbour Shiloh :).

We will keep you updated with pics and his progress as we go.

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Sand School Dream

For years the centre has dreamt about having an all weather sand school, a place where the horses can work in a safe area and importantly in all weathers. As we are not a big establishment with lots of land the horses sadly are limited to turnout time in the fields. generally they go out to grass from April through to October or longer if the ground can withstand them. Then turnout is in our yard for some and others have to share time within our indoor barn.

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Visits from Wendy

Well what a lovely day and a special day today has been. Jim and Fran came in extra today to help me with a special job, except jim decided to stay at the centre to help Geoff with the mucking out in the end. So it was just going to be myself Fran and Wendy. Our special job was taking Wendy our Shire horse to Meet a lovely lady called June (Nan) Who is I think ( hope she doesn't mind me saying) is around 85 years old and is very very poorly. Now June in her younger days had worked with shires and has a great love of the breed as well as all animals and often used to say to her granddaughter have you brought me my shire... So her granddaughter Sarah wanted to give her Nan a special present and asked if she would be able to hire us to take a shire to visit her Nan. So that's what today was. Fran groomed Wendy and loaded her into my lorry and off we went. And I have to say it was lovely. Sarah and family met us at our parking place and Fran walked Wendy to "Nan's" house. Wendy was certainly welcomed with open arms as were we. (Read more)

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The Sad Loss of Duncan

Hi folks, I am sorry once again to tell you all that I have had to make the heartbreaking decision to have Our old Shetland Duncan put to sleep. Duncan was old and had a leg injury which he sustained earlier in the year, this was starting to cause problems and he had lost a great deal of weight which we had been trying to regain, but sadly he wasn't gaining weight & with the cold weather approaching i thought it was the right time to say our goodbyes. Duncan along with Bonnie was one of our oldest family members being in his thirties with Bonnie being older... he had been here since about 1990 I believe, arriving here with his cousin Douglas who we lost a number of years ago now. Both had enjoyed a fun filled time here being driven mainly as a pair by myself and Keith often at high speed around our paddocks as they were great little scurry ponies. With the loss of his cousin, Duncan palled up with our oldest pony Bonnie and the two oldies roamed the paddocks together and the yard, Duncan was always a firm favourite with our visitors, and he will be sadly missed. R.I.P. little man. Love always. xxx

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Meet the Alpacas!

We're really excited to announce the latest additions to our charity and family - two Alpacas! Both are from only a few miles away from the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre and have been very well looked after but have come to us due to owner circumstance. 

We're really excited to have them apart of our family and look forward to giving visitors the opportunity to meet them. Take a look at their own page here!

The Alpacas join the many animals here at the Heavy Horse Centre including horses, goats, birds of prey, geese, ducks, chickens, cats and natural wildlife! 

August is our main visitors season and we're open every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please come along and meet all of the animals and see the work we do in helping them. Admission is by donation and we're very close to Skegness! You can find out more information on our visiting page here or by calling 07899 81596.

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Backing Wendy the Shire Horse

Our newest resident horse here at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre is Wendy, a full shire horse. She is not only stunningly beautiful but very clever! So far everything we have tried hasn't phased her at all, so we wanted to try and back her. Originally we were just going to show her the saddle and maybe fit it on her back depending on how she behaved but within minutes we could tell she wouldn't have a problem with it. So Terena decided to get on! 

Below are a few pictures of Wendy and Terena who both did a fantastic job. We're hoping Wendy will one day become a full jousting horse!

Wendy is a full shire horse and stands at an impressive 18.1 hands high. She was born in 2007. 

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Meet Wendy

With all the heartache and sadness with the loss of some of our friends recently comes a happier post. We wasn't quite sure whether to post or not as it may seem a bit insensitive. But as you can see out of sadness comes light and this light has come in the form of Wendy ( aka Connie). Connie is a stunning 8 year old 18.1hh Shire and she is totally beautiful. She has not been broken to work so we will have our work cut out with her training, but I am sure we will get there. Her true name is Wendy but we are going to nickname her Connie after my late mother as they share birthdays. And just recently, with all the upset of late I really have been thinking about my mum a lot so this seems fitting. Anyway here she is folks. Please say a big hello to Connie!

As usual Wendy is available for adoption, our adoption scheme really helps to give the horses in our care the best possible time and life, the life that they deserve. We spend over £150 a day to care for all the horses and animals in our care here. 

Please visit Wendy's own special page for lots more pictures!

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The Sad Loss of Scooby

It saddens me to tell you that another horse has passed over rainbow bridge, this time we have had to say goodbye to Scooby, who was a remarkable and very handsome Cleveland Bay X , he was around 21/22 years old and sadly suffered a heart attack. Scooby had been living up on a friends 5 acre field for over a year now along with my cob Mojo who went along with him to keep him company. Scooby had suffered with his breathing for a few years and was on daily medication and was advised to live out all year round, sadly we do not have enough land to have allowed him to do that. My friend offered free use of his land so that Scooby could live out all year round and we jumped at the chance. and within a very short space of time Scooby;'s breathing was much much better and he was then weaned off the medication which was fantastic for him. He has enjoyed living out as nature intended, being fused by the children, being boss of Mojo and just generally having a lovely time. I'd like to thank Billy and his Family for giving him something the centre could not, I know you will miss him just as much as we will. Scooby was a true gent with a very gentle nature and will be missed by all who knew him R.I.P. My Friend. xxx

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The Sad Loss of Steve

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to deliver the devastating news of the loss of Steve our amazing Canadian Percheron. We are not clear on what actually has happened but he must have had a fall and he was unable to get up despite all attempts, from himself, us and little Shetland Orbit who stayed with him throughout as well as Bosun watching carefully too.Steve came to live at the centre at the end of April 2011 in fact the day of the Royal wedding is when we collected him! Since his arrival Steve has been a big part of the centre,not only in height standing at 18.3hh but also in his character. He became best friends with Bosun our British Percheron, and taking on various working roles within his time with us. He was a good solid chap who made everyone feel safe, he helped teach humans how to interact with horses, he taught his human best friend Matt how to be a Medieval knight, as well as other folk too, he took part in the equestrian vaulting shows demonstrating how our team perform gymnastics on horsesback... Carry on reading...

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Meet Shiloh

We're really excited to announce and introduce you to the latest member of the Northcote Horses family, his name is Shiloh! Shiloh is a beautiful 5 year old Piebald Gypsy Cob and came from Gloucestershire due to owner circumstances. He came to us on Friday 13th February 2015. 

Shiloh has a beautiful temperament and our long term goals are for him to be our chief driving horse, particularly for him to drive our wedding carriage.  

Please take a look at Shiloh's very own page here and some pictures of him below!

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