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Volunteers from the Co-Op

Today we had a fantastic group from the Lincolnshire Co-op branch helping us with some essential sprucing up around the centre. They have helped with painting, digging and moving general things around, all in all helping us get ready for opening to visitors!

We would like to give a very big thank you to all of those who came and helped along with the Co-Op for supporting a fantastic volunteer work scheme.

If anybody else is interested in volunteering here at the centre please drop us a message.

Our visitors centre re-opens on Monday 8th April from 11am. Admission is by donation and everything raised goes towards providing the animals in our care with a forever and loving home.

Take a look at some photos taken today. Credit to the Lincolnshire Co-Op.

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Fundraising on Facebook!

We've setup a new Facebook group with lots of fundraising items and ideas, including raffles, auctions and unique gifts.

We're currently offering an exciting chance to win 2 free tickets to our upcoming Medieval Banquet evening set for Saturday 21st July. Tickets are £2 a number, all you have to do is head over to our Facebook group and leave a comment! 

We have already raffled a heavy horse experience day which proved to be very popular! We even drew live on Facebook in-front of the horses which was a hit!

Any fundraising method is vital to our survival, if you're looking for something different and unique then please head over to our page!

Thank you for your continued support to our charity and sanctuary. 

Join our free fundraising group here.

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Our Volunteers!

We would like to give a huge heartfelt thank you to all of our super volunteers and supporters. 
Being a non-profit charity we don't receive any funding or have any paid members of staff. We are ran entirely by volunteers who do an amazing job. 

This weekend we saw our first event of the season, our popular Medieval Tournament. We're pleased to say it was a great success and we've heard lots of great compliments and feedback which makes us all extremely proud. 

Our volunteers have spent countless hours preparing for the event, many spending the night sleeping in tents and working until dark. We really don't want to overlook the importance of volunteers and what they do.

If you would like to help support the Heavy Horse Centre please send us a message. We guarantee we'll have something you can help with!

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A Desperate Plea for help!

We urgently need your help! After being open for just one day we have had to close due to the weather conditions. This couldn't of come at a worst time. The centre is in desperate need of financial aid and loosing out on donations and takings from our open days is a major loss for us. Everything here is flooded!

Please could I ask you to donate through our website if you can. Every penny really does help and we have some major bills to pay in order to keep the centre open and put on the event days over the summer. Each months donations pay for the following months bills and the "well is dry" as they say. We have no back up funds if there was an emergency and we really don't know how we are going to survive without help.

Please could I ask you to share this post and I have included a link straight to our websites donation page if anyone feels that they may be able to help us at this really tough time.

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Rocky's Pen Damage

During Storm Doris the weather created a bit of devastation to Rocky, our Goat's pen. As well as the roofing felt on the shop too. Luckily Alan saw Rocky in his garden and alerted us and then Alan and Geoff just managed to get some heavy pallets wedged behind the other fencing to prevent that from going to.

This of course means more work to repair as well as cost, at a time when we do 't have the finances. This time of year is always particularly difficult financially, and this year we are seriously struggling. If anyone would like to donate to the centre or to Rocky's new fencing then please see our supporting us page where you can details, we also have an amazon wish list where horse feeds can be bought and sent to us. Thank you to those that have recently sent feed and presents for the horses through Amazon. We'll be keeping the list fresh and updated! X


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A Desperate Plea for Help

We are at a crisis. Our financial situation is dire and we need your help. I am genuinely concerned about the immediate future and securing the long term future for the horses that rely on our care, love and devotion. 

We are asking for support by leaving a small donation

We have been caring for horses and animals for over 25 years. We first opened in 1988 and have since given many horses and animals a long and loved forever home. 

It has always been by the kind generosity that we've been able to do our vital work. Many of the animals have come from broken backgrounds and require 24/7 care. 

I am personally asking for your immediate help and support by leaving a donation of any size to help secure the horses and animals future. 

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Sainsbury's Colouring Competition

Earlier in the year the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre was picked to be the charity of the year at our local Sainsbury's store in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. Local customers were able to vote for our charity in store and we won! We are over the moon to be selected and as always we're humbled to have continued local support. We look forward to our future charity partnership with Sainsbury's. 

The store held a colouring competition (with over 200 entries!) with an adoption pack as the first place prize. We have great pleasure in sharing the winners that were selected by the store manager. Please enjoy the well deserved winning pictures below!

Local support is vital to the survival of our sanctuary and care of the horses and animals here. The summer is drawing to an end and we're about to enter the very costly part of the year where we have to try to find funds to buy hay, straw and other vital parts to the horses and animals health and welfare. 

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Happy New Year From Us All!

We would like to wish all of our supporters and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We can't stress enough how much we appreciate your continued support towards our sanctuary. By helping us here at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre you're helping to give the horses in our care the best gift of all; a forever and loving home. 

Our centre has been open and caring for horses and animals for over 25 years, all of the horses in our care come from various different backgrounds, some are former rescued horses, others are simply due to owner circumstances, our aim is to give them the dignified life they deserve. We are a non-profit charity and run entirely by donations and the generosity of the public. 

If you feel like you could help and give a small amount please see our donation page for ways to donate to the horses. We're also available on 07899 815960.

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Christmas Fundraising

With Christmas just around the corner... really, it's not far! We're having to start thinking about raising urgent money for the horses, ponies and other animals in our care here at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre. 

We're asking for your help in our 'Christmas Fundraising' appeal, we would like to raise £500 by kind donations to our Christmas Fundraising campaign. 

Your generosity and donations help to keep the horses here at our sanctuary in a loving and forever home, any money donated, whatever amount helps to buy hay and other feeds during the colder winter months. With a lot of the horses in our care being older we constantly have vet & medical bills to pay for too. Your donation really helps in all areas of our charity. 

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