Late Summer Fundraising

As the scorcher summer is sadly coming to an end it's time that we start preparing for the winter season and months ahead. As much as we all love the hot sun and great weather, it sadly will have increased the price of hay; which is vital to the horses and animals over winter. 

During the next few months we'll have to spend over £2000 on hay. Plus additional costs for other feeds, medication and farrier costs. 

We're kindly asking for your extra support so we can head into the winter months with better peace of mind knowing the horses and animals have got plenty of food ready! 

If you are able to leave a donation and help support our animals and charity please see our donation page to give via Paypal/Card/Phone or click to donate below. 

It is only by the generosity of the public that we can continue to care for our animals and offer them a permanent home here.

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