Our Winter Repairs Fund

Due to the recent harsh winters a lot of our facilities are in need of repair. Several of our horses stables have a leaky roof, or holes in the walls. With the freezing weather many of our water pipes freeze, so we need to be able to quickly buy and fix them when needed. 

Our birds of prey need their new warmer and safer aviaries completing before the cold really sets in.

We would like to extend our goat run so we could offer a home for more in the future.

Several fences are in need of repair, not only for the horses safety but for visiting & volunteering humans too. 

Our cafe needs some TLC in order to open again for visitors in 2019. Without the ability to open and serve guests we would not be able to survive. 

Some of our stables are due a fresh floor laying so we need to purchase concrete, sand and hardcore. 

It is a constant battle to ensure the centres survival. We put the safety and security of our horses and animals first, but without urgent help we might not be able to continue offering the resident animals here at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre their forever home. 

Please can you help

We would love to keep you updated with all of our projects (and animals!) on our Facebook page! www.facebook.com/northcotehorses

We can’t thank you enough.

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