Pluto's Accident

Well it never rains but it pours ..... poor Pluto has managed to get himself in the wars , not sure what has gone on, wether a glancing blow from another horses hoof, headbutt from another horse or if he's banged himself, who knows but whatever has happened though he has made a real mess of himself, and our vet said he is one very very lucky horse to have not done more damage. Pluto was sedated and the area numbed before Cath our fab vet put in stitches, sorry for the gory pic folks, but as you can see our vet has done a fab job :). Now all this of course comes at a price, and at the mo our income is critical, so this bill will sit on top of the existing vet bill that we are trying to pay off so if anyone would like to donate to our already outstanding vet bill it would be gratefully appreciated. Xx

If you feel like you could help pay any amount off our bill please contact Louth based James Street Veterinary Centre directly on 01507 602828.