Rocky's Pen Damage

During Storm Doris the weather created a bit of devastation to Rocky, our Goat's pen. As well as the roofing felt on the shop too. Luckily Alan saw Rocky in his garden and alerted us and then Alan and Geoff just managed to get some heavy pallets wedged behind the other fencing to prevent that from going to.

This of course means more work to repair as well as cost, at a time when we do 't have the finances. This time of year is always particularly difficult financially, and this year we are seriously struggling. If anyone would like to donate to the centre or to Rocky's new fencing then please see our supporting us page where you can details, we also have an amazon wish list where horse feeds can be bought and sent to us. Thank you to those that have recently sent feed and presents for the horses through Amazon. We'll be keeping the list fresh and updated! X

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