Sand School Dream

For years the centre has dreamt about having an all weather sand school, a place where the horses can work in a safe area and importantly in all weathers. As we are not a big establishment with lots of land the horses sadly are limited to turnout time in the fields. generally they go out to grass from April through to October or longer if the ground can withstand them. Then turnout is in our yard for some and others have to share time within our indoor barn.

If we had a sand school it would mean so much to us and to the horses welfare, It would mean that they could be turned out into the school to run around and kick there heals up, which is great for the wellbeing of their minds as it keeps them occupied upstairs!! which is very important for those that are prone to finding trouble! It would also mean though that we had a safe footing for training and also very importantly we could actually make a income from the school, it would be lovely to be able to offer driving lessons here, within our heavy horse experience days, or just as an hours lesson, this could be a huge step forward for us and income in helping us to care for the horses, they could actually earn their keep and importantly feel needed. We could also hire the school out to others for use and… if the weather was bad for one of our shows we could still continue as the surface would be safe to ride on. There are so many benefits for the building of a school here.

Now the problem is as always the cost… A few years ago I did have a quote done and the area we were going to have would cost us approx £13,000… not cheap but actually cheaper then most, which can be anywhere between £20,000 and £30,000. We would need to have planning permission which I know would cost £400, A few years ago a couple of previous volunteers tried to help us raise the money for the school by selling celebrity cook books which she had put together, we still have some of these by the way… but income from them is nowhere near what we need to be able to fulfil our dream. If anyone can help with our dream either through donations ( please add a separate  note saying (Sand school) or if you are a company that could help and sponsor our dream we WOULD LOVE to hear from you.