Sainsbury's Colouring Competition

Earlier in the year the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre was picked to be the charity of the year at our local Sainsbury's store in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. Local customers were able to vote for our charity in store and we won! We are over the moon to be selected and as always we're humbled to have continued local support. We look forward to our future charity partnership with Sainsbury's. 

The store held a colouring competition (with over 200 entries!) with an adoption pack as the first place prize. We have great pleasure in sharing the winners that were selected by the store manager. Please enjoy the well deserved winning pictures below!

Local support is vital to the survival of our sanctuary and care of the horses and animals here. The summer is drawing to an end and we're about to enter the very costly part of the year where we have to try to find funds to buy hay, straw and other vital parts to the horses and animals health and welfare. 

If you're able to help, please visit our helping horses page.

Thank you as always for your support.