Medieval Tournament Madness!

We would like to thank everybody that came and visited us at our grand Medieval Tournament on Sunday 16th August. We've received lots of fantastic feedback and praise so we hope everybody had a great time. 

We would like to thank all the volunteers for their incredible hard work setting the Tournament up and helping to make it a success! Volunteers really do keep our charity running. If you think you could help, please see our volunteer section

Our special summer events help us raise money to help us buy hay, food and other necessities during the winter months. Our missions will always remain to same; to give horses and animals a loving and forever home. 

Please see our Facebook page for lots of great pictures from the day! 

Also don't forget to visit us during our normal hands on open days in August and September! You'll get the chance to meet all the resident horses and animals! Please see our visiting page for more information.