Award Nomination for Charity Manager

Northcote Heavy Horse Centre manager, Terena has been awarded a fantastic and well deserved win for her selfless work here at the Centre! 

Like all volunteers here at the charity, Terena is unpaid but is here 24/7. Many days when voluntary help is low she does all of the jobs on her own - often without recognition. 

It's not easy to look after lots of horses, an entire yard and office work! 

We're so thrilled for this well deserved win!

Pork Farms head of markets Kim Burgess, said: “Terena is an inspiration to all of us and we encourage her friends, family and local community to get behind her and leave a comment on the Pork Farms Facebook page.”

Terena was nominated by another dedicated volunteer Fran, Francesca said: “Terena works 24/7 for no pay, and often no thanks. A party for her, instead of her planning parties and events for everyone else to raise funds, would be amazing. She is such a dedicated and selfless person who always puts others first.”

We would like to thank everybody who nominated and voted for Terena! 

If you would like to learn more about volunteering here at the Heavy Horse Centre please see our help page!

Terena (Right) and Fran (Left) with Wendy the shire horse (and Pluto background!)