Meet Wendy

With all the heartache and sadness with the loss of some of our friends recently comes a happier post. We wasn't quite sure whether to post or not as it may seem a bit insensitive. But as you can see out of sadness comes light and this light has come in the form of Wendy ( aka Connie). Connie is a stunning 8 year old 18.1hh Shire and she is totally beautiful. She has not been broken to work so we will have our work cut out with her training, but I am sure we will get there. Her true name is Wendy but we are going to nickname her Connie after my late mother as they share birthdays. And just recently, with all the upset of late I really have been thinking about my mum a lot so this seems fitting. Anyway here she is folks. Please say a big hello to Connie!

As usual Wendy is available for adoption, our adoption scheme really helps to give the horses in our care the best possible time and life, the life that they deserve. We spend over £150 a day to care for all the horses and animals in our care here. 

Please visit Wendy's own special page for lots more pictures!

Thank you again for your continued support, we really couldn't do it without you all. Thank you.
Terena, all the horses and volunteers. X