The Sad Loss of Duncan

Hi folks, I am sorry once again to tell you all that I have had to make the heartbreaking decision to have Our old Shetland Duncan put to sleep. Duncan was old and had a leg injury which he sustained earlier in the year, this was starting to cause problems and he had lost a great deal of weight which we had been trying to regain, but sadly he wasn't gaining weight & with the cold weather approaching i thought it was the right time to say our goodbyes. Duncan along with Bonnie was one of our oldest family members being in his thirties with Bonnie being older... he had been here since about 1990 I believe, arriving here with his cousin Douglas who we lost a number of years ago now. Both had enjoyed a fun filled time here being driven mainly as a pair by myself and Keith often at high speed around our paddocks as they were great little scurry ponies. With the loss of his cousin, Duncan palled up with our oldest pony Bonnie and the two oldies roamed the paddocks together and the yard, Duncan was always a firm favourite with our visitors, and he will be sadly missed. R.I.P. little man. Love always. xxx

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