Steve out & about in Skegness

Today (Friday 20th June 2014) we took Steve our Canadian Percheron to the Hildred's Centre in Skegness. We took Steve to help promote our upcoming Summer Fete event (Sunday 22nd June). 

Steve, as usual was very well behaved and a crowd pleaser! Whilst it wasn't the busiest Friday in Skegness we still had lots of interest and lots of people tell us they'd come and visit. 

Steve is a 17hh Canadian Percheron and is a firm Northcote favourite well known for his nickname 'Speedy Steve' in our popular Medieval Tournaments! He is also sometimes used within our vaulting team. You can find out more about Steve here. 

Sunday 22nd June 2014 will see our annual Summer Fete day return, you can find more information about our events here.