Cracker, the Former Tallest Shire Horse

We've been having a spring clean here at the Heavy Horse Centre and the other day we found an old CD with some original photos of Cracker, the former tallest shire horse! Cracker lived here at the centre until 2007 when sadly we had to say goodbye. 

He was known as Cracker to hundreds of friends, adopters and supporters, and first came to Lincolnshire In 1992! 

He was born at Cricket St Thomas in Somerset and came to replace Ebony the Centres original working horse. Cracker was an immediate hit with everyone he met. On his very first public outing to the Burgh Railway Museum, he staggered several important visitors with his panache and charisma to say nothing of his outstanding obedience and driving performance. He received a letter of commendation on his very first day out!
Over the years it is fair to say the majority of visitors came to see Cracker. (Carry on reading here...)

We've uploaded all the photos from the CD on Crackers own page where you can also carry on reading his story, please take a look

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