Christmas Gifts for everybody!

We're now officially in the Christmas season with the countdown ticking down to the big day! 

Have you had time to take a look at our brand new and responsive online gift shop? It's packed with lots of fantastic gifts and ideas perfect for loved ones, family & friends for Christmas. We have some really great new items like this Friends mug & coaster set. We've also got lots of our old favourites back this year like our Friends eco-friendly shopping bag. We have also got all lots of items perfect for supporters of the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre and all of the horses here in our care, including our brand new for 2014 Northcote Horses Tea Towel, featuring images of Bosun, Steve, Moose & Rosie, four of our heavy horses.

Our new 2014 charity Christmas cards are also here and are already proving popular! Lots of people from around the world over the years have given us beautiful feedback on our Christmas cards. 

New for this season we also have a select few canvas prints that would look great hanging on any wall, perfect for a gift or just for yourself! We've already sold a few and have received some really nice comments. All of the photos have been taken by one of our local volunteers

Sales from our online shop are vital to the survival of the Heavy Horse Centre as they provide the much needed funds to help cover our winter feed bills, hay bills and more. We also ask if you can't find anything on our online store to please consider leaving a donation, every £1 helps more than you might believe.  

We host our online shop on a different website at to help provide the most seamless and pleasant shopping experience. 

Thank you for your continued help and support. We wish everybody a very happy holiday season! 

Love from all the horses and volunteers at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre.