Brief Updates

In July this year the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre will celebrate its 25th anniversary which we are very excited about as we were so close to not being able to make it this far. But our supporters and volunteers have got us here so fingers crossed for many more years of helping and caring for some of these amazing horses.

This is the time of year where we start to plan our 2014 events and design our leaflets ready for opening around Easter so its going to get busy again in the office. (Jobs are never ending)

News on the horses front is that Bosun has been a little poorly recently with a bad foot that the vet and farrier cannot seem diagnose the cause of,  but he has made progress over the last couple of days so fingers crossed whatever it was is clearing up.

Pedro's training is going well and one of our young volunteers has actually been riding him!!! This is great as he'll now be able to do some work which i'm pretty sure he's not going to be happy about.

Moose and Charity are now in the main yard with the other horses. Sadly we lost a few of our "BIG" guys last year so the girls have moved into their stables and out of the field which is a good thing after the recent weather we have been experiencing.

Lastly a reminder on the ways you can support us:

  • * You can donate your used stamps to us 
  • * You can shop online through easyfundraising and we will receive a donation. (more details are on the easyfundraising blog)
  • *You can donate to us your unwanted or damaged jewellery
  • * You can visit our online shop

Thank you for your kind support,