Give a last minute gift

As the final days of the holiday are approaching (too quickly!) we're asking for as many last minute donations as we can get. The main bulk sales from our Christmas Gift Guide are slowing down now and we know after Christmas we don't get many donations. That means we end up spending most of what we earned from September to December in January & February alone. The donation size never matters, it's the thought that counts. As a well branded Supermarket says; every little helps! If you think you could give a little or would like to find out more, please visit our donation page.

If you've still got those final bits to buy online please consider using EasyFundRaising before you shop. It's really easy and by using the service you'll earn a donation for the horses here at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre. It's all 100% free too! Our supporters have raised over £830 from using EasyFundRaising! Please take a look here for more information and to sign up. (For free!)

The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre provides a forever home to lots of horses of all different sizes. We're home to Shetland Ponies, Shire Horses and other Heavy Horses! You can meet the horses on our horses page.

Bosun  the British Percheron &  Steve  the Canadian Percheron.

Bosun the British Percheron & Steve the Canadian Percheron.