Sad loss of Harvey

It is with great sadness that we said our goodbyes to Harvey this morning. As many of you know Harvey had been diagnosed with liver problems and we had done all we could through this last summer to help him, sadly though it was not meant to be and before the cold weather set in making it more difficult for him to sustain his weight the decision was made to say goodnight. Harvey had been at the centre since about 2001 time and had a fantastic varied life here, having been broken in to carriage driving by Keith he enjoyed going out and about doing horse drawn weddings and what a fantastic horse he was for this job this was indeed a big love of his. he also enjoyed teaching people the art of carriage driving, he enjoyed hacking and jumping with various riders he even took his turn within our vaulting team, his other job he did enjoy and was very good at was medieval skill at arms he knew how to entertain the crowd and give the all exciting ride of the riders life at the same time... Harvey you gave everything you could have given and so much more a horse that will be missed by so many. you will always be in our hearts. love always my friend. xxxx


You can view more images of William and his life here at the centre on his own page.  


Harvey. Shire X