Donation to the Horses Future and Care

Donation to the Horses Future and Care

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Donation to the Horses Future and Care

Could you help the future of the Northcote Horses? 

The Northcote Heavy Horse Centre provides care for horses and animals unlike anywhere else, we give the horses a rewarding, active and working life. We give them the dignity and respect we believe they deserve in a forever and loving home.

It costs at least £150 a week to look after all of the horses and animals in our care here at the Heavy Horse Centre. Not only do we have to buy hay, food and bedding, we also have expensive farrier costs to maintain the horses healthy feet. Vet bills are also very expensive but are a necessity to making sure all the horses and animals in our care are in the best shape they can be! Many in our care require extra medication and treatment. Sadly there are also other 'boring' bills such as water & electricity.
You can be assured that your donation will go directly to the aid of the horses and animals in our care.

You can find out lots more information on what we do at the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre at

We're a Registered Charity no 1137340

Here are some average costs: 

1 Large Bale of Hay = £25 We use 120+ Per Year
1 Large Bale of Straw = £10 We use 90+ Per Year
1 Bale of Haylage = £25 We use 50 Per Year
1 Stack of Horse Feed = £8.00 We use 100+ Per Year
1 Bale of Wood Shavings = £6.50 We use 96+ Per Year
1 Sack of Carrots = £2.00 We use a lot Per Year
1 Set of Horse Shoes = £120 We use 150+ Per Year
You can alternately send a cheque / postal order to us at:
Northcote Horses, Sandy Lane, Great Steeping, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, PE23 5PS. UK
Or you can call us on 07899815960
Please remember, we can't be here witout you.
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