Donate a large Hay Bale

Donate a large Hay Bale


Donate & Buy a Large Round Hay Bale

Could you help feed the horses by buying & donating a large round hay bale for the Northcote Horses?

Each bale currently costs around £25-£30 each, we use many throughout the year, but mainly during winter. 

By donating £25, you'll be giving us the opportunity to go out and buy a large hay bale for the horses in our care. 

Please note, by buying a large hay bale, you will not actually receive a hay bale, you are donating £25 to help us buy hay bales for the horses in our care.

Here are some average costs: 

1 Large Bale of Hay = £25We use 120+ Per Year

1 Large Bale of Straw = £10We use 90+ Per Year

1 Bale of Haylage = £25We use 50 Per Year

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